Long Distance Ride

Hi, New to the Forum, Im so excited about getting my new bike (07 wr450) that I'm already on your site!

Ive had a few bikes YZ80,125,250 and DR350. I hated my Suzuki, it spent more time in the garage cause it had a nasty tendency to break down all the time.Back to Yamaha.

MY QUESTION: My buddies are planning on doing a 260km ride(160miles).

In one day. Mostly gravel roads in about 86 to 90 degrees heat. Their weapons of choice: 02 wr426f and a 06 CRF230, They are both new to the sport so, can you guys offer any advise on how to make sure they dont cook their motors? When to stop and for how long etc.? I dont have much experience with 4s, exept for that Sh^%zuki I had.

(I cant go cause I dont have my steed yet)


For the wr426, fresh oil before trip, clean & well oiled air filter, and run a little more air in your tires to help avoid pinch flats. I did a 260 mile desert ride this sumer over two days on my completely stock wr426. Not one problem holding it 3/4 throttle in 5th gear for extended amounts of time. Pretty much the same for the CRF. My .02 cents.

Im planning on a 240km each way trip next summer and I was going to drop my rear sprocket 2 teeth to help lower my rpm's a little at cruising speeds on the highway, I too would go with fresh oil/ clean filters and a good lubed chain. I wound' t worry about overheating it as you are moving lots of air should be moving through the rads as long as youre not overrevving the engine too bad.


Thanks Guys

160 miles in one day! I'd be more worried about myself than the bike!

50 miles on my 05 wr seat makes my butt feel like I passed out at an all night gay party. (ouch):devil:

Stand up, stand up, stand up. On a long ride like that, stand up whenever and where ever you can. I would rather my arms get tired then my rear hurt to sit.

makes my butt feel like I passed out at an all night gay party. (ouch):devil:

And you know how that feels because?????

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