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Yamaha Factory Parts Catalogs

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I'm a newcomer to dirt biking, and to this forum. For the last year, I've owned a 2001 YZ426. I've adjusted the valves and performed other things that I never would have attempted without the benefit of this forum. So I am grateful to those who take the time to post.

I don't know how many readers out there might be interested, but I recently came across a web site that contains .pdf files of factory parts catalogs for what seems to be all Yamaha products. The site address is: It's apparently based in Mexico. I found the YZ426 under the directory "Competencia".

As you may know, the Yamaha corporate web site ( also provides access to part catalogs. I find the catalogs useful because I can print out a page with an exploded view of the assembly that I need a part for. Helps take the guess work out of defining the exact part you need for the parts guy at the local shop. But logging in is a pain, and I don't find the site that user friendly.

Now that I've downloaded the file for my 2001 YZ426FP, I don't need to hassle with the Yamaha site.

It also comes to mind that when I read some forum posts, it's sometimes difficult to understand exactly what screw or widget is being discussed. For those folks who are software savvy, I assume that a jpg can be made out of a page from the .pdf parts catalog. By attaching the page/jpg to a message, it might be easier to articulate exactly what part - or order of assembly - is required.

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