yz450 stripped bolts on engine and frame expensive or not

my frame bolt is stuck and will not come out of oil drainand my engine oil bolt is doing the same is this a easy fix new bolts or tap and dye for re thread and what about oil and that mess plesee help

Wow, thats a really long, hard to read sentence. From what I gathered out of your question, I'm assuming you have some bolts that are snapped off? Bring it to the dealer and get them to install some heli coils for you.

what ia a heli coil

If I need work like that on my bikes I take them to a bike mechanic.

These guys have retapped a few threads for me as I have been learning.

So you could run along to the bike mechanics they will sort it out for you, for a charge of course.

Here in Dubai what you described would cost about 100 dollars. Services are dear here but labor is cheap. If it was just charging for the time it would be less..

Heli coil is the way to go....Had the same problem with the drain screw on the filter......Works great now....

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