Pics of your 06-09 yzf 450

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LOL real funny guys, im getting ready to pick up a 07 next week and just wanted to see what every one was doing to there bikes.

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Well, since you asked...

First day I got it...






How it has been sitting for awhile because I crashed it and broke bones:







The result of trying to hit a 100 foot triple in 3rd:


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    • By MotocrossTime
      So the first look Yamaha YZ450F/YZ250F. I dont see a big update at here. 
      YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAM “factory machine developed with an eye to acquiring championships in all Japan Nationals and acquisition of advanced technology. For metal spring front forks and intake / exhaust system layout, we follow the market YZ, adopt electric starter etc, and incorporate factory exclusive parts in each part.


      “YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAM” will compete in IA 1 and IA 2. The team is organized by professionals from various fields centered on Yamaha engineers. With a strong team structure I will fight the mission to acquire IA 1, double title of IA 2, and advanced technology aimed at feedback to commercial vehicles.
      Rider participates in IA 1, Hirata Yu who is one of the domestic top riders and is a part of the champion candidate. The 2016 season returned for the first time in a season from the injury of the year before last, the ranking became the fifth place, but it is a presence that does not feel blank and it exerts its presence. This season we aim for the challenge of the wish of the factory machine “YZ 450 FM”.
      It is Yusuke Watanabe who drives “YZ 250 FM” at IA 2. Last season, I participated in a youth team that aims to train young people, jumped up from 6th place in ranking to 3rd place in 2015, achieved great growth as the team concept, and this year was promoted to a factory rider. For the 2017 season, we are training to Doug Dubac who flew off to America and played an active role in AMA, and this season we aim to win the IA 2 championship.
      More at : MOTOCROSSTIME

    • By Perri07
      I have a 2006 yz250. It was fully rebuilt top to bottom last winter before racing started
      rode all year and it was fine
      the problem I am having after winter start up is
      starts no problem, run decent, when I turn the throttle smoke and. Lack oil spray out of the silencer like if I put a glove on there's a nice layer of oil
      also the part of the carb that comes out of the tps and sits on the throttle slide. To me seems loose as in I can lift it to a point and it doesn't spring back. Is it suppose to stay tight to the top of the slide 
      it feels like it doesn't any force down till about 3/4 throttle when I hold it up with my finger 
      also when I lean my bike over the idle picks up a lot
    • By cosmoKenney
      2009 Husky WR 300.
      New top and bottom end.
      New brake pads and they were just bled. 
      Hyde skid plate.
      FMF Gnarly pipe and FMF Q-Stealth silencer.
      JD Jet kit.
      Comes with extra cylinder, head and piston. 
      Comes with lighter springs for the suspension.
      Pulls like a mule.
      This is an awesome trail bike. If you ride Georgetown, Foresthill, Elkins Flat or Chalk Bluff this bike will not let you down.
    • By Steve Sutton
      Apologies for the long post, but I’m including as much info as possible.
      I have a 2-Stroke Yamaha TDR250 1KT, same motor as the TZR250 apparently.
      I just completed a top-end rebuild. I only replaced the left piston as the right one look good. Probably should have replaced both, but anyway…
      My problem is the right cylinder/exhaust gets very hot very quickly and smokes a lot. The exhaust is hot only after 30 seconds of idling. The left remains room temperature and does not smoke.
      I don’t want to ride it too much in case it causes irreparable damage. But when I did try to ride her, I can only get a few hundred meters before she cuts out. I have to start again and can not get into 2nd gear before it stalls again. I’d have to limp home at a bicycle’s pace as anything above idle revs kills the engine.
      Not sure if the poor running is related to the hot exhaust, or another problem entirely.
      I’ve done the following troubleshooting:
      - swapped around plugs – no difference
      - swapped around plug leads – no difference
      - swapped around Carburetors (but not the Jet Needles) – This then made the left cylinder smoke and the right smoked a little, but not as much as previously. The carbs are back on their original sides as they are specifically left and right.
      - sprayed carb cleaner onto the carb boots to test for air leaks and that had no effect.
      - Raised the Jet Needle in the right carb for a richer mixture – It appears to smoke less (could be my imagination), but it still gets hot quickly.
      - Checked the plugs again and the troublesome cylinder’s plug looks to be running very rich (all dirty), so I lowered the needle this time for a leaner mixture. Still no difference.
      I removed the exhaust and wiped my finger in the cylinder’s exhaust port. Looks like black paint!
      Has anyone ever experienced this and what was the solution?
    • By nissan_twinturbo
      just curious if anyone has ridden both the new and last gen yz450 and how different they REALLY are. i can read reviews all day but theyre all from professional mx racers that probably pick up on little things id never notice. selling my ktm, pretty set on getting me a new yz, my price range is around 4k so that puts me in the range of buying a 2010-2013 yz450. however im being told from a few guys who ride these that i really need to save and spring for a 2014+, the cheapest 2014 i could find was $5000. are the 14's really that much better? should i save and go for one of those? My main actual question is with that same money could i make a 2013 the same or even better? What ever one i decide on ill probably do the same to either for aftermaket parts, exhaust , tuner, fly wheel weight and a lowering link in the rear. Ive ridden a 2015, which is what sold me on one, i loved it! i just dont wanna be disappointed if i get the early gen. either way will be better around the track then my ktm exc! lol, but man that electric start is soo nice