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Pics of your 06-09 yzf 450

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LOL real funny guys, im getting ready to pick up a 07 next week and just wanted to see what every one was doing to there bikes.

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Well, since you asked...

First day I got it...






How it has been sitting for awhile because I crashed it and broke bones:







The result of trying to hit a 100 foot triple in 3rd:


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    • By hm15
      Hello everyone, been looking around on here for a couple weeks and figured I'd finally drop my question for some feedback. Looking for a bike, obviously or I'd be on a different forum, somewhere in the 250/300 range. Heres some info about me and the typical riding I'll be doing..
      My specs: Male, 190 lbs, 5'10, 28 years old. 
      Riding Experience: Two wheel mostly street, R6, R1, Harley etc. I've ridden most of em. Off road has been mostly quad, except one trip down the trails on a Yamaha 450 2t (holy moses that was quick). Ridden quads for a few years, Polaris 850, Yamaha/Honda 250's (banshee style) at Silver Lake and on trails. Trails we ride are in Grayling which are a mix of hard pack and loose sand (tank trails). 
      Planned Riding: the above mentioned sand dunes and trails. Doubt I'll ever touch an actual Mx track. Will use a paddle tire when in the dunes. In my mind I've narrowed it down to the KTM 250/300 XCW or Yamaha YZ250X. Not really a Honda fan. 
      Not trying to open another KTM vs Yamaha thread, Ive read plenty of those. Just looking for some feedback and ensure these are the bikes I should be interested in and if 2 stroke should be my route? I like the easy maintenance but also like the idea of fuel injected 4t. I don't want to be beating the heck out of a 4t in the dunes and turn it into a bigger $ pit than these toys are already. I would prefer having a headlight, 250X does not come with one while both KTM's do (unless I go Yamaha 4t with the WR250f). Thanks for your feedback..
    • By AMM888
      I am looking for a YZ125 and have found a 99 for 1300 and an 03 for 1600 both in pretty nice condition. Obviously going to negotiate the prices down however I was wondering which one you guys would suggest. Ive been doing research and know that the 03 is lighter with a modified frame though it has a 5 speed. The 99 motor is well liked for the power and reliability.
      I will be doing strictly trail riding so whats the better option here?
    • By motorhog
      So I was cutting my neighbors lawn when i came across this bike in my neighbors barn. They said i could have it for free and i thought it would be a great thing to try and fix up. But after looking at it and doing some research i cant find what it actually is. I believe  it is a 1985 YZ 125, but i am not sure. Anyone know what it is and where i might be able to find some parts for it? Or if it would be better just top sell it for parts. Thanks!

    • By OscarFox
      For sale is my 2015 Beta 350RR. 2734 miles and 120 hours. Just had some top end work done by Sierra BMW and BETA. Fresh air filter and oil. This is an awesome dual sport bike. Or you can strip the lights and turn signals and have a single track weapon, your choice. This bike will do it all. Unfortunately, I've been riding my 2 stroke lately and don't have room or the time to maintain 2 bikes. My loss is your gain! Front tire only has a few rides on it, the rear needs to be changed. Beta's are super reliable and amazing machines that rival KTM and Husky! 

      -Forks revalved by LT-Racing for 210# rider w/gear
      -Mylers oversized radiators and bulletproof radiator guards
      -Folding ARC clutch and brake levers (I have the stock levers as well)
      -3.1 gallon tank. (I also have the stock tank)
      -Seat concepts dual sport seat (also includes the stock seat with guts foam and motoseat seat cover)
      -FMF powercore 4 with silent core/spark arrestor. I've got the stock spark arrestor as well. Racing compliant!
      -Boano racing billet brake pedal with brake tip
      -FJ Fasst co. brake clevis
      -Billet chain blocks
      -upgraded steel oil pump gears- the plastic stock ones are prone to failure
      -Force accessories case saver
      -TMD skid plate (not pictured but will be on the bike)

      Acerbis X-factor handguards
      a few spare plastics pieces
      key switch with plug and play wiring
      extra tubes and rimlocks
      Printed and bound owners manual and service manual
      10mm billet bar risers

      It's a dirt bike so it has some cosmetic damage. Some chipped plastic and scratches on the swingarm. 

      Can send more pictures/info upon request
    • By anderson56401
      I have a 1987 yamaha tt 225 that needs a new carburetor.  I've looked EVERYWHERE online and can't find an original.  Does anyone know a good replacement one I can put on it?