First 4-stroke

I finally made the switch from 2 stroke to 4..

Yesterday I bought a new 06 WR450 OTD for 5799...could NOT pass it up...

I know I have lots to do before I race there any web site that is WR specific? I saw an air box kit for $35 that rejets and plugs smog stuff..

I know I need to reseal the air box, and regrease the linkage...

Any info and direction will be appreciated...Can't wait to ride it!!!!

I'm 6'4 and 230# and I've ridden one stock and I don't want to kill myself so I will take my suspension in immediately... :devil:

Read through the 'sticky' performance mod and jetting threads at the top of this forum. These threads provide a ton of information on the common mods everyone does. Also use the search feature within this forum for any specific things you're wondering about.

I just got my new WR about a month ago and this forum has been extremely valuable in learning what's needed to make the bike perform like I expected (it's a dog in stock form w/ emissions restrictions, etc.).

That's funny I love my WR400, but I am going back to a 2 stroke, for the easier handling during 80 mile desert races! I just figured that I could not ride either to it's full potential, so why not have one that's easier to handle.

Get the jetting right first thing! And don't try to ride it like a 2 stroke, spend some time getting used to it before going all out, it will kill you!

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