XR600R Stator rewind

Any info on ignition stator rewind My bike is a 1986 xr 600 I know my stator is bad,out of spec and weak spark. Info on wire size and rating as far as heat and oil. Radio shack sells magnet wire, three diffrent sizes . I dont know if this will hold up ?

G'day, stators are something that should be left to the experts. You could rewind the thing yourself, but you would need to be really diligent as to making the new coil the same amount of turns as the old one as well as properly insulating the finished product. If you dont do a good enough job the rewound coil on your stator will go bad again in no time.

I work on bikes and when i get a bike with a bad stator, I will either get it rewound by a specialist or replace it, to me they simply arent worth mucking around with if you dont have experience with rewinding them.

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