How many Miles

2008 with 5200 miles so far:ride: :p

mine is 04 model and it has 12.000 miles no problems so far (thank God)

29,500 trouble free miles so far on my '07 650L. 99/01 street/trail

about 35k on '02 XRR...bought it used in '06. as long as you change the oil when it's time and oil the chain when's last forever. have done one valve job on it and replaced a lot of tires and chains. change the rear sprocket once from ironman and i'm running 14/42 i think...or something around there. cruise between 70-75mph on the freeways and hit 100 once or twice. really no need to go any faster right now :p

somewhere around 20-25k on my recently plated 02 R, rode hardcore offroad for about 4 years and then plated it and I now ride hardcore on and off road :p

'03 XR650R that I bought new in '04. I've got 12,000 miles, probably 10,000 or which were off-road. I doing a valve job right now as both my intake valves were in bad shape.

Mines an 03 with almost 20k on the clock. The PO had the valves go bad, like Cleonard's at 13k. That seemed to be due to extended periods at high RPMs.

I just put a clutch in because I'm have shifting problems and am praying its not a bent shifter arm.

It is also weeping oil at the base gasket and where the front oil lines go into the case on the left side.

And, it's also using too much oil and probably needs rings (since the valves only have 7k on them).

I have over 60,000 Miles on my 1995 XR650L, which is of 96,500 Kms. I bought it new in 1996.

My speedometer has been broken many times. Once, it was broken for well over a year. At the time, I was commuting 40 miles each way to work, for that year. The odometer reads 56,000 miles, so conservatively, it has well over 60,000 miles.

Without a rebuild? That's amazing......

14,000+ on my 2000 model. All but 480 miles in the last year and a half.

2001 XRL with 4,753 miles. Looking to add many many more this spring and summer. :)

Got my 08 L about a month ago and just hit 1000. It's my first "street" bike and I love it. Runs great

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