Header pipe removal 01' WR426FN

The manual calls for removing the header pipe to get to the oil filter. After searching the threads for this topic, I have come to this. Is it really required

or does it just facilitate easier access to the bolts? I haven't had the pleasure

of changing the oil in a 01' WR426FN yet so I'm just curious.

I noticed that too... I have never removed the header pipe for to change the oil filter on my 01' WR426f. It must just allow easier access to the bolts.

I have found on my '99 that it is not necessary to remove the header. Simply loosening the bolts at the header flanges allows it to rotate upward and out of the way. The oil filter cover will have enough clearance to be removed. BTW, I am running a Powerbomb header now so this procedure is not necessary.


I have never removed it on my 02 426 when changing oil or the filter.

I believe the '02 had a higher sweep in the header allowing for full access to the filter cover.


I don't have to touch the header pipe on my 01 when I change the oil and filter. I think that's just a carry over in the manual from the 400 days (where you do have to loosen the header to get the filter cover off). I have found several things in the 426FN book that appear to be in error and carry overs from the 400 days. The most glaring is the instruction to lap the valves into the valve seats. With the hard coated Ti valves, that is absolutely the wrong thing to do!

I believe the '02 had a higher sweep in the header allowing for full access to the filter cover.


Maybe, but my manual still says to remove it.....never did figure out why :thumbsup:

I haven't seen the 400, but have heard that pre 2001 the header was in the way of the bolts. On the 2001 and above, the header pipe isn't a factor. Like bird said, my clymer manual was really for the earlier models.

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