Neutral switch spring

Hi all, I need some serious advice for a wr450f 2003.

I was replacing my damaged neutral switch with a new one when I placed the pin spring into the wrong hole and it disappeared into the engine.

I assumed the pin and spring went into the center hole not the other one because when i disassembled it I didn't get to see which hole it came out of.

I now assume it goes into the hole that is off center, spring first then pin.

Now I think i have a spring floating around somewhere.

I would greatly appreciate some advice and suggestions about how to get it out.

Do I really need to get it out?

Could a tiny spring do that much damage inside?

What exactly is that center hole?

Do I need to pull apart the whole engine or is there another way?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Cheers Scott

Anyone ?

Help Please?

By the way does the mushroom head shaped on the pin face inwards or out towards the switch cover?

You pushed the spring in the hollow shift drum. There is a hole in side of the drum - so the spring will eventually fall in the crankcase and could cause some serious damage.

If you are lucky the spring is still in the shift drum.

You could use small magnet that would go trough the hole and than try to remove the spring (mission impossible).

Or you could remove the right crankcase cover, clutch and shift assembly. Then

lay the bike on the right side and push the spring trough the shift drum until it falls on the ground.

Don't try to shift or rotate the shift drum in the process.

The mushroom head shaped pin points outward (mushroom outward).

Thanks for the reply k69mj.

I am sure the spring has fallen into the crankcase.

I will try removing the right crankcase cover as you suggested.

Looks like I need to study the manual tonight.

Thanks for the tips

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