hotcam stage 1

I just installed the stage 1 and I need to know what jetting you are useing(sea level). mine is fully uncorked,drilled exhaust tip, uni filter w/side panel opened up. Before I had the cam installed it would start 1st/2nd kick now it`s a bitch. should it make a difference if I change it to a 70s pilot from the 68s. I have the air screw 2 turns out.main is 172. Thanks

I had the 70s in with an aftermarket muffler, stock cam ,uncorked, high flow filter and side panel done at 3/4 of a turn out and it worked great.So a 70 or 70s would probably go alright.

I baught my crf 450 used. Do the hotcams have a letter or number on them that signify they are hot cams. How do you tell if they are stock or a hot cam.

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