what size winch cable do you use to get the carb off?

LMFAO :thumbsup:


I'm all hot and horny since i got on this site and did all the free mods, bike is cool

i got a FMF power core 4 slip-on coming in tommarrie, can't wait,

my prob is this,JETTING! i know i need to play a bit with it, when i had my bike in for the 1st service i had him drop in the 168 main and 48 pilot,

my next move is to do it all over again, plus the #40 leak jet, i plan on running it in Baja this fall (just pre-running) and then through the winter (with picks) so i'm sure i will be jetting this thing a dozen times before this year is up,

what is the easiest way to get that carb off? or should i say smartest way,

i remember having half the bike apart it seemed when i did the fuel screw change,

any tips would make my sooo happy

thanx in advance

oh ya p.s it is an 06 wr 450

I personally like the 3/4 inch winch cable for my carb removal......

(pic here) http://image.basspro.com/images/images2/78000/78155.jpg

I am a Bushman.....so I use bushman tactics!

I unhook a few thingies and wrap my cable around it, maybe even add a figure 8 stlye wrap with a good roll of REAL Ductape!

I hook her up to my f-350 super diesel and out she comes...

Have you removed your ais yet?

That's a whole New Battle....

I usually use a sledgehammer to loosen it up and it slides right off.

i didn't have enough traction on the f-3fitty!lol

i appreshgyate the replies, i didn't realize that i wouldn't need to yank the carb right off,

thanx for showing us the proceedure ARin it will save me a lot of time,

btw my last bike was a rm 250, it was fairly easy to change jets, i would just throw the jets in the air box and fire it up!

but this bike i kinda like :thumbsup:

I was always able to roll the carb (top to the left ) to open top cover for needle access then roll it to the right to get access to the bottom for screw jet changes and bowl removal.

that tutorial by ARin is great. i just installed my JD kit last night, and it was a piece of cake. i must have read the tutorial 100 times waiting for my JD kit to come in the mail.

lots of great info at thumpertalk, and a bunch of good guys here to help out.

my pipe came in today!

have you ever dry humpped air in public like a dog?

i did!lmfao

i ordered the jd kit from TT last night can't wait to toss my new jets in!

thanx for all the feed back, i'm on it! :thumbsup:

Im really glad that people are getting good use from that tutorial.

thanks for all the kind words guys.


Im really glad that people are getting good use from that tutorial.

thanks for all the kind words guys.


I think it should be posted as a sticky for this forum also since it was started here. I did not know it was buried in the technical forum. :thumbsup:

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