JB weld to stop seeping oil leak ?

After the 680 project there is a leak between the cases. I guess there wasn't a good seal on the underside of the motor.

I've cleaned it and it appears to be about 4 inches long.

Do you guys think I'll have any issues if I drain the oil. Take a fingertip and run JB weld down the area of the leak?

Or should I just use a gasket maker compound?

Any tips or advise are appreciated.


jb weld is not made to expand and contract like the aluminum in your case. i would drain and brake clean off any contaminents then get some good rtv and apply thay like you wanted to do before. then let it cure fully and refill and see what you get.

Thanks, I was thinking I should try that first, but I've done so many things with JB Weld, I though I'd try another.

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