XR650L Problem

I have recently had a problem with my bike (1995 XR650L with 350 miles). When I ride along, all of sudden I loose power than it comes back. This happens when I sometimes accelerate, when I am just cruising along or when I am traveling down a hill (maintaining throttle position). Valves appear OK. Checked electrics, appear OK. Carb appears OK. The bike is stock. It has no problem starting, hot or cold. It does not back fire at all. Any and all help. Thanks

Make sure your carb is clean and you have a properly adjusted pilot screw. No cloged fuel lines? Tried different gas or fresh gas? Is your air filter clean? Is your plug fouled? Have you looked at your ICM (ignition control module)? Take a look and get back with the results if you need more help. Everybody here will be more than happy to help. :thumbsup:

I had a similar problem years ago on an old Kawi'. It was a small screen in the fuel tank petcock that was clogged with some gunk. I took it off and cleaned it good ran perfect after that. I think I remember seeing a small mesh screen on my XR650L (o3) petcock when I changed my tank, but that was over a year ago...so cant recall. But its worth a quick check to remove petcock from tank and make sure all is clear.

Good luck

Make sure the gas cap breather hole is clear and breathes...Sounds like vapor lock....

Do you lose all power (engine quits) or is there just a power reduction?

Do you lose all power (engine quits) or is there just a power reduction?

thats my question too, does it act like you are turning the key off/ Or is it just getting a little lame in thepower department like it is starving for fuel or something like that please describe the feeling you get when it happens and itll be allot easier to diagnose! Thanks and good kluck!

Sniper X

with only 350 miles on a 1995 model, maybe it 'forgot' how to run ... :thumbsup:

Thanks eveyone for the help. I found out the issue. The oil pump. Sounds weird but. The canshaft and lifters are fried because of little oil getting to them. They overheated, wore away and well, loss of power. I had replaced the camshaft and parts recently because of power issue. I got stupid and didn't look further. After replacement I ran it 150 miles and then OUCH! he mileage is 3500 instead of 350.

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