lowest price on a new pipe?


I looking to get a new white brothers carbin pro 2 pipe for my 06 YZ450.

The lowest price i can find is 799.99 with free shiping. Is there a place that sells them for less than that?

Can some one please help.

TRY, www.MX sales.com :thumbsup:

What makes you think that the white brothers will be the best? Have you looked at the pipe DRD makes? The bling factor may not be as high but that doesnt mean it wont be just as good if not better than the WB carbon pro AND it only costs like $550 new

go with fmf setp power bomb and a factory 4.1

The thunder alley looks like a good pipe and a good price.WHats with the silencer and pipe joint?To me it looks as if the midpipe and the silencer are one piece.Is this correct?To the folks here on the board how do they like them?I have a 2007 on order and for the price of the thunder alley i just might get one!

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