New rear break pedal

Took a pretty good tumble this weekend and need a new rear break pedal. The OEM one is $114 wich is a little stiff for some cast alum. but I cannot find an aftermarket one other than one from sunline which will not be avaliable for some time.

Anyone know of an aftermarket break pedal for YZ/WR?


your best bet is ebay. get on and do a little homework. i'd bet that brake pedal is on a lot of yamaha wr/yz's.

you should use a brake snake. It is wire that ties the brake pedal to the frame so it cant be bent out and snapped off. Save you $$$.

I'm with you on the break snake, have one on my 400, but not on my 450. I will now though.

Thanks for the input


you probably already have the part number, but you can copy this and get a quote from here.

5TA-27200-00-00 PEDAL, BRAKE

you can try these guys

see how you go.

good luck

Here you go, the brake pedal is less than $77 here. click here

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