Long haul XR650L?

Well, Myself and 3 others just did 5500 miles plus in 3 weeks on 3 XR 650 L's and one XR400...Heres all you need.

A taller windscreen...The maier Cyclone or Typhoon fits well...slip it between you instrument and fairing and go. An Alaska Leather Dual Sport sheepskin,

and lastly---EARPLUGS!

We ran Kings Tire KT-966's and they were GREAT...pavement, gravel, the DEMPSTER HIWAY!!!

The Cassiar Hiway in northern BC has to be one of the greatest roads on the continent....smooth fast new twisty pavement...ugly pothole filled gravel sections...but all capable of running hi speeds if you have your bike set up well.

those hiway pegs are great, I was the only one of the 4 without...I did a LOT more moving around in the sadlle then the guys who had em...

oh yeah, stock gearing and it was just right for most of that hiway riding.

We had a lot of guys on GS's and KTM adventures questioning our judgement, but the big XR has a VERY neutral riding position, just take some of that windblast off the chest, and put your feet forward and you can do 400 mile days even if its all gravel roads...



I'm workin on it!!! In fact, tomorrow night, over a dozen or so Sierra Nevada Pales will fall as the pic's get sorted and the story gets begun!!!

It will be worth the wait!!


AKA Inuvik Mikey!

I rode my XRL from Boise, ID to Spokane, WA, 500 mi. each way regularly on weekends with no more than a bigger tank & handwarmers. Maybe its from owning mostly dirt bikes, but I found it to be comfortable :thumbsup: with the stock seat. Even did it once with a walking cast on my right leg.

I did 2000kms in 3 days with one 1000km day.

I have the following:


-corbin seat

-large capacity tank

-bar risers

-cruiser pegs using 1" stock finished with unused rear pegs

-cloth bags (ordered Happy Trails light frame to hold them off the plastic but they didn't come in time. It was okay without them but I burnt the side plastic

Overall I was more comfortable than my buddies on their 1200 Bandits, although I could only go 120Km/hr top speed with my 15/45 gearing.

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