Has anyone tried a step seat?

Was wondering if anyone could give me some feed back on a step seat? Thinking of getting one for my 06 450f

I got one on the way should have it by the weekend. The reason I got one is I'm 6'3" and have long arms and I'm hoping it will help me stay forward and in the proper riding position. When I get tired I find myself sliding clear to the back of the seat. So I figure I would save a lot of energy if I wasn't constantly pulling myself forward from the beginning . Some days I wish I was 5'8" and the bikes fit me like a glove.

I just put one on my 450.I have the one from guts racing that includes the foam step and the all black seat cover.I am 6'2" and I absolutely love it.Just make sure you put it in the right spot on the seat.Basically in the directions that come from Guts Racing there are 2 main methods.THe first one is that you put the whole step on, but that wouldnt work for me because my knees would be killing be.The second method(that i used)was to sit in a normal riding position and slide the step right behind you, and throw some duct tape on it on mark where you want it.Then stick the step on and you cut and sand the excess off.It may sound confusing but it was really easy.

It was by far the second best mod I did to my 450(first being suspension).

i have been wanting to try one, but only interested in a bolt on seat - not the kit from guts or the like

I called SDG and asked about a step seat kit, they said it would be late summer before they have one for our bikes. They have one for a Honda already, but nobody else.

I make my own out of the stocker. It helps reduce seat hieght as I am short and fat plus keeps me planted on the seat well. It is very easy to do and much cheaper than buying one. :applause:

Was wondering if anyone could give me some feed back on a step seat? Thinking of getting one for my 06 450f

Yeah, they work well. I haven't done it to my YZ450 yet, I'm not sure if I'll add foam to the back or cut the front out, but it worked well on my KTM525. It's great for racing, but it made it more difficult to do wheelies coz I was used to sitting more rearward.

http://bikepics.com/pictures/602025/ This is on my brother's bike. The guy we bought it from said he brought the seat into an upholstery shop and they shaved it down and put in the little dip. It's really nice for shorter people or even not shorter people who like to touch the ground better. It's the only part on his bike I wish I had.

I was afraid to make my own, but I ended up going fo rit. The hardest part was finding the foam. It sands easy with 80 grit paper.

People worry about gluing the foam on as if it will come loose. I accidentally glued the piece on in the wrong spot on try 1. The glue joint is far stronger than the foam. I used 3m adhesive. The yellow gorilla snot.

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