wr 2pp6 jet question

i jot my WR 450 @006 not more than a week ago and i have already put close to 60 miles on it and my question was so i need to jet the carb> i have the bike at the show right now and they are doing the AIR removile and puttin in the new jets so will that be god enough for me or should i take it and get it totalyed re jettered it's truley not like i'm a hard core rider i like like to take it easy and chill with my firends on the weekends and have some cool 1 and ride around i;m not really hard core in the trail rideing but i cam see my self getting more into it as time goes on by the way i'm only 19 so i reallt do have a lot 2 learn about my WR but thats what im here for 2 lto lurn new things weel yea if u yous sould please help me aout it wouls mean alot BTW i'm getting the bike back thi weekend 2 go rideing on MOD so do u think it would be fine doin all the free mods but NOTTT!!! the gray wire on the jetas that gave me in the KIt from yamaha i think it should rum fine (PS buy the was i drank a bottle of JD not to long ago so take it easy on my spennin thanks TT ****in ROX :banana::ride::busted:

If your asking about NOT performing the grey wire mod, but going ahead and doing the AIS T-stop and air box.... Yes, thats fine. It'll be more tame.

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