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yz400 gearbox vs yz450

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Hi all, searched but can't locate the gearing ratios of a 99 yz400f. Only reason I'm asking is that my 04 yz450f that I just bought was owned and raced by a supermotard rider and his mechanic installed the yz400 gearbox into his 450. I found a post that said the 400 1st and 2nd gears were lower than the 426, and the 426 1st is lower than the 450 . I assume that the 5th gear on the 400 is higher than the 4th on the 450 which is why they did it . Any figures or a link would be appreciated. cheers

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Found it. Very last post on the last search. These are the figures I have been able to find from previous posts if anyone is interested in comparing them.

yz400f yz426f 06yz450f 05yz450f 05wr450f

1st 1.929 1.846 1.929 1.929 2.417

2nd 1.563 1.533 1.533 1.563 1.733

3rd 1.278 1.278 1.278 1.278 1.313

4th 1.096 1.091 1.091 1.05 1.05

5th .952 .952 .952 .84

Interesting to see that the 06yz450f has gone with some tried and tested gears from earlier models. And not that different (not counting primary and secondary cogs) from the yz400f . cheers

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---yz400f/ yz426f/ 06yz450f/ 05yz450f/ 05wr450f

1st 1.929-- 1.846--- 1.929---- 1.929---- 2.417

2nd 1.563-- 1.533--- 1.533---- 1.563---- 1.733

3rd 1.278-- 1.278--- 1.278---- 1.278---- 1.313

4th 1.096-- 1.091--- 1.091---- 1.05----- 1.05

5th .952--- .952---- .952----- .000------.840

3rd time lucky

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