Loose Aftermarket Exhaust

I had a real quick question. I recently bought an 06 YZ 450F. I got a pipe/silencer package (Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP) just for the spark arrester. I really was not looking for a performance enhancer persay, as the bike is plenty fast. After a few months of riding, I am noticing that the head pipe has developed some play. Now, the Pro Circuit pipe has no fastening device between the silencer and the header and the stocker did. Also, the head pipe seems to be two pieces, a flange that mates with the head, and the head pipe itself. The stock one seems like it's one piece. That's where the slack has developed. With no securing device on the connection between the pipe and silencer, and the headpipe/flange the pipe is free to move. Essentially, the springs are all that is holding the pipe in place. The lockring on the head does not secure the pipe, only the flange. I was wondering if this would cause any adverse problems like exhaust leaks and/or performance loss? Any help would be much appreciated. Also, is there anything I can do to fix this problem? (RTV/exhaust seal)

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