How to find a WR400F to buy? How many were sold?

I have decided to get a WR400F after doing some research and going from an XR400 to a YZ400F to a WR400F. I am convinced that this is the perfect bike for me, the heavy flywheel, wide ratio tranny, easy to plate for dual sport use, etc. One problem: They are very tough to find. I can find tons of YZ400F's both locally and in other states, but I can't find any WR400F's, only found about 6 in the U.S. for sale using different search engines such as, KSLcars,, etc.

I know that a very small percentage of WR400F's were sold when compared to YZ400F's, but does anyone know an approximate number of how many were sold compared to YZ400F's? Were the 400's only produced from '98-'00? Are there other ways of finding WR400F's for sale that I should know about in my search. I am willing to be patient, but I'd like to have the bike by mid to late summer if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You have mail, Check your PM.

The WR400 was made from '98 to '00 and the 426 was '01 to '02.

Well, I have gotten several PM"s from people with '98-'00 WR400's that want to sell them. I'll be seriously looking in mid-June and may entertain the thought of shipping a bike from another state. Nice to know that there are WR400F's out there to buy and from (what should be) reputable owners from this site.

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