Baja 500 on a YZ450 - Tech Inspection

A group of us entered the 500. We are calling a YZ450 our racebike with my WR450 as a backup. So, I need to prep both for tech inspection.

We are waiting for SCORE to ship the rulebook.

In the meantime, any help as to what is required would be helpful.

I searched other posts and found:

1) Spokes need to be tied. Is there a requirement as to how many wraps of safety wire? Can zip ties work?

2) Fuel line needs to be secured.

3) Each helmet needs to be checked.

Anything else?

Thanks, and also I am still confused on that whole spokes thing.


Zip Ties work. Can't use a back up bike if yours fails during the race, except as a parts bike. Good luck. Who you pitting with? :ride:

We are signed up with Baja Pits.

The WR is the backup in case the YZ fails prior to the tech inspection. We are going to be pre-running for 4 days prior to the inspection which gives plenty of time for issues.

So many strange things have happened whilre riding in Mexico I thought we should prep 2 bikes and then make the decision on which one to race the night before the race over some Tecates. Since we pre-running the same 2 bikes, we really will not know which one will be in better shape on race day.

The good news is that since the YZ is an O3, many are our spares are interchangalbe.

If I use ZipTies, is there any rule that SCORE has as to the size of the zip tye?

Thanks Again.

any size zip ties... of course use the smallest ones you can find..

you need a red light of some type on the rear fender, and sometimes they ask to see a first aid kit..

the rear fender light can be anything.. Bicycle shops sell ones that bolt on with a couple screws...

good luck, which class you ridin? we are in class 30

Ron 313X

Look for BP and BH around RM 162 this weekend and next. I'll be down this weekend running our pre run pit stop across from the Valle T Pemex station. Steny

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