WR/YZ 18"/19" Wheel fitting question

I have an 05 WR450F with the stock 18" rim. Will a 19" paddle tire (on a 19" YZ rim of coarse) clear everything on the WR?

In other words, i want to have a second rear rim to mount a paddle on it so I can do 'quick switches'. Of coarse the YZ rim is easier to find and cheaper, but it is 19". I know 18" tires and 19" tires are nearly the same diameter, but will the paddle clear the swingarm???

I have exactly that set up. 18" knobbie and a 19" paddle on my 06 WR450. Works fine with no problems. Go for it!!!!

Thanks, Cal.

Would it be smarter to run the 19 nobbie or 19 paddle?

Do I have to remove the rubber piece in front of the rear tire for the paddle?

I have that setup on my 250F and am looking to do the same for the 450. Where did you find the 19" rim? I have a new 18" paddle, but no rim for it. I suppose I could return the tire for a 19 if I found that rim first.

Next question--

Will any other manufacturers' hubs/wheels fit yamaha? ie honda kawasaki etc?

What year yamaha hubs will not fit an '05?


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