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Rode for the first time this week...

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Well, I took out the bike for the first time, before I went I lubed up the steering stem bearings, front and rear wheel bearings/axles, and all rear linkage bearings. It really needed it, so if you havent already went through your new bike and packed the bearings with a ton of grease, you should.

I was wondering if anyone knew where to order more dust covers though, because after time and time of taking them off and lubing them I figure they will get weaker and streched out so I would like to pick up extras.

Anyways, I didnt even touch the suspension or forks, just got on the bike and rode. I did the manuals break-in, then went home, changed oil and filter, seemed dirty, then rode some more the next day, changed oil and filter now the bike should be broken in.

After I broke it in, it started poping more and in need for a re-jet, so that is my next thing on the list to do. Other than that it ran great and Im very happy with the bike. I sprayed some Armor All on the plastics and under fenders, mud seemed to "slide" off and come off alot easier with it on there when I washed it. I also found that Gumout Carb/Choke cleaner works wonders on the chain and other hard to get spots where theres heavy mud or dirt/oil build up, comes right off! :thumbsup:

I was reading and everyone said that 140/70 is a good place to start with the jetting correct?

I was also looking for some graphics or blue plastics for the bike, does anyone know who sells them? My cousin tore a small hole in my graphics when helping me load the bike and I would like to see some that would look good with the yellow plastics, or I just may put blue plastics on it and get the team graphic kit...


Yeah, it was a blast! Lots of power from my 250 2-smoke...tons of fun!

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