New tires

Hello to all! It's been a while since I have been on.

We're finally going riding tomorrow...first time this year. Its been raining virtually all year here, or at least every weekend, so I am looking forward to getting out.

Anyway, to the point. I am thinking about trying Maxxis IT rear and ST front. Any comments?

Thanks in advance, rushfan :thumbsup:

They work great for me . They are Cheap and last a long time.

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Yup, it was about 2 weeks ago, lots of tire posts.

I'll be taking my WR out next week with a Desert IT on the back and regular IT on the front, here in Vegas. WIll post my thought afterwards.

I put a trials tire on the rear after reading many posts about how great they were. I have to concur. It sticks like velcro, its almost unbelievable. According to reports, they are good for at least 2000 miles. I tried it for myself. I simply cannot see going back to a knobbie for a while, especially since I normally ride in the so cal desert.

If you are looking for a new rear, definitely try the trials tire. There are lots of threads and debates on the Off-Road Riding Techniques forum.

or don't try it. But read up on it at least.

BTW, I ride an 05 wr450.

Search Button Dude!

I did briefly but, not a lot of time for that. I'm at work-can't, and I need to make a choice now so I can pick them up on the way home. So, that's why I'm asking you guy's for your quick and friendly comments...thanks anyway. :thumbsup:

I hear ya, sometimes it takes time to wade through all the stuff, but its actually much faster as you already have tons of replies.

Rush Rules!!

Thanks for all of the help... :thumbsup:

And yes, Rush does rule... :thumbsup:

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