footpegs for tall guys

hey guys have a 2006 yamaha yz 450 f . im 6 4 tall need to lower pegs. already flipped springs and cut pins in stock pegs. already ordered tall seat from guts racing,already raised handlebars with custom risers and windam bend pro tapers. looking for lowering kit for footpegs. system tech engineering are going to make some . but who knows when they will be done.any other sources you guys know of? thanks larry in colorado

someone posted they have a set, but dont know who mkes them. try the forum search

I'm 6'11" and I could use a set too. If anybody has any info let us know. Hey speedster could you give me a little direction on where to find a good tall seat?

Fastway F3 pegs. They are great. Well worth the money. Offer low and high positions, and you can adjust the angle. Plus they come with cleets that you screw in yourself so you can customize how the pegs grip. Pics in my garage

Speedster, I found the tall seat from guts racing. Thanx Josh.

I don't know about the new YZ's footpegs, but us oldtimers with older YZs there is a zero-cost footpeg modification that sets your pegs back and down about 1/2 inch. I did it years ago, pretty much forgot about it. It puts the peg in the same position as the Fastway F3 Lowboys and cost you nothing. Do a search on it, it requires a hacksaw to (carefully) cut off the barrel on the bottom of the peg, flip the barrel to the top of the peg, and switching the springs from left to right.

here it is

I was going to add what was said but wont.

I have big feet, they hung up on the shifter allot until I did the Peg Mod

Unless its bent (Shifter) as fastest says. you may be getting your foot hung up.

The Pics below is how to do the Mod, it gives you about 1" back and 3/4 " down in room. Just swap the Springs right to left. and you do not have to weld the spacers back (If you Dont Want to)

Here are pics of the Peg Mod




How much do the new pegs lower the peg height? Since the '06 has brackets that bolt on to the AL. frame, has anyone come up with a different bracket that can lower the peg to a more comfortable height? or wait 3 months for sdgusa to come out with seat.

system tech engineering will be out with a lower peg bracket in about a month on the 2006 yamaha 450f.

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