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YZ cam and CDI question for WR 450 -04

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Yes, I know. I've searched and there are plenty of threads about camshafts but I really don't find the answers that I'm looking for so here comes another one... :bonk::bonk:

I have a few questions about replacing my exhaust cam in my WR450F -04. This bike will run as a supermoto at least 90% of it's time, not as a pure racebike but still I have to win over my friends :cry::thumbsup: but I also want reliability. I already have ported the cylinderhead, Kibblewhite stainless valves (std size) with matching springs, K&N filter, opened the airbox, a dynojetkit and an akrapovic slip-on. I've got unlimited access to a Dynojetbench and I would be glad to share my results after I'm done. I havn't run it before all these mods becourse of a broken foot. :bonk:

Please reply to as many questions as you can.

1. Is it worth it replacing the camshaft?

2. How much will I gain at top/lose at bottom?

3. Does anybody have a dynograph to share with me?

4. How much is the difference vs. Hotcams, just exhaust, and/or both?

5. Should I go for a -04 YZ cam or are they even better from a later model?

6. Does the YZ CDI do any difference? I've read somewhere that you guys in the states has a grey wire that you can cut to get YZ timing but when I asked on a forum here in sweden they told me that we don't have that wire.

7. So I guess that we have YZ ignitiontiming from the start?

8. I can't fit a YZ CDI to my wire harness anyway?

9. Are these the only two things that separates the WR from the YZ (engine)

Thanks ALOT IN ADVANCE!!!!! :thumbsup:

//Wheelie-:bonk: of SWEDEN :bonk::confused:

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