95 xr 600, bad stator?

I have a 95 XR 600 , That I bought new in jan. of 99. It is stock except for jetting, air filter , and FMF megamax muffler. I have maintained this bike very well, oil changes, filters , valve adjustments, etc. That being said the other day while riding , the bike was fine one minute, and then it would not run past 1/4 - to 1/2 throttle, it begins bogging down and popping, backfiring. The carb is clean, valve lash checks out, compression is great, has a blue spark, but not the strongest I have seen. The bike still starts easily, and will idle all day long. Could this be a stator problem? Thanks

I had my stator go out in my 93 XR600. The symptoms were hard starting especially when it got hot. One day I crashed and couldn't start it by kicking. I was able to bump start it after it cooled some. Once running it was fine as long as I kept the revs up.

This really sounds like a carb problem. A little chunk of crap blocking the main jet or something. In one of my old bikes the clip that holds the needle popped off and the needle dropped down, blocking the main jet. Another time I got some water in my gas. A small drop of water got in the main jet. Because of the high surface tension of water it just stuck there blocking the gas. Both gave the same symptoms that you are describing. No problem with idle, but nothing past that. The needle was easy, just get a new clip. The water was more of a pain. First, drop the carb bowl and blast the jets with carb cleaner. Then drain and dry the tank.

I vote carb problem too. It probably just sucked up some trash from the tank. Pull each jet out of the carb and clean them again. Hold each one up to the light so that you can see a nice clean round hole.

Thanks guys, it was the carb. The small plastc cup around the mainjet was getting brittle, and broke off and clogged up the main. Thanks again for the great advice.

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