In the process 450 exhaust cam question?

Hey guys,

I am in the process of switching out my 426 cam for the 03 450 cam. I noticed the 450 cam has a little knob on it that my 426 cam doesn't have. Is that the auto exhaust? Just want to make sure before I bolt it together. I am sure of the part number. If you don't know what I am talking about I can post a pic. thanks

That little knob is what opens the exhaust valve creating the decompression at low rpm, while starting. Then when the rpms pick up, after it starts, that is retracted in.

Yes, the little knob is the "auto-exhause" feature. If you move the weight on the end you'll see it retract and that's what happens when the engine fires up.

Cool thanks fellas.

I am trying to find a 195 and 200 shim to complete my cam but am having a hard time finding them. I am NOT buying a whole shim kit for $100. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I am going to look into some other cycle shops tomorrow.

Remember that Honda shims fit also, if that helps. That's where I got mine since they were in town.

Nationwide Cycle in Lancaster has a huge selection of the 9.5mm dia shims you need.

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