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Racing question for any D37 guys

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I’ve been toying with the idea of entering a few desert races in district 37 and was wondering if anyone could help me out with the following:

1) In the AMA rules it says that the muffler must meet federal and state sound requirments and I was wondering if I would have any problems running an uncorked stock pipe on a 99 WR for any race?

2) What would be a better race to start off with a Hare and Hound or a Grand Prix.


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1) You should not have any problem with that exhaust as long as it has a spark arrestor on it.

2) Depends on your endurance level. If you are tough and don't mind riding long hard and fast for 80 miles or so I would go with H&H.

If you want a more mixed race with some jumps and manicured terrain go with the Grand Prix.

You might want also want to try a European Scrambles which is like 3 laps around a natural terrain course about 7-8 miles in lenght. But I think most of those are in the summer. Good Luck and make sure you have someone with you at the race to take you to the hospital or home in case of a get off.

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Hey Thinkingaboutracing:

You will have no trouble running an uncorked stock pipe in the Desert Races. My first race was last year at the Checkers H&H. I rode on a red number (1 loop) and had a great time. Now I ride Novice (2 loops) and am really beat by the end. Here is the URL for the 2001 D37 Schedule: http://district37ama.org/competition/calendar.htm

The first European Scrambles is in February. It is a nice mix of real Desert that you do 3 or 4 loops over. This limits the pucker factor a whole bunch.

Join a club. They will take care of you! I am a member of RUTS (Racers Under the Son) our URL is www.ruts.org.

Have fun.

Desert Bob


Proud Member of Racers Under the Son (www.ruts.org)& District 37 Desert

98.5 Dodge 2500 24v Cummins 4x4

00 Yamaha WR400

99 Yamaha PW80

99 Terry Fifth Wheel

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