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FHN needle WOW!!!!!!!!!!

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This needle smokes!!! :) Just had enough time to do a couple of passes but Holy smokes this is great. I don't know if I would want this needle in the tight nasty stuff but in a open field.... Amazing!! :D James you were right F for Fun factor. I will hopefully get in some full testing next week. I'll post my findings. James should I try a F_M needle and see what I think? do you recommend one? FHM? this is what I ran 01 wr 426 lid off, cork out, wire cut, Yz timed

168 Main

FHN #3 (been running Ekp#4((#5 little rich)


pilot screw at 1 1/8 turn out

PAjscrew at 1 1/4 turns out (125)?

Maj completely removed (230)?

Apj limited to around .5 sec

Very clean air filter

70 degrees



next week I will try many different combos FHN#4,#5



maybe a EKM #????

I can't seem to get past a 45P Either wants to be a 42p with pjscrew at 2-3 or a 45 at 1 turn out

Am I correct in asuming that the paj screw from sudco is all the way seated is 000 and one turn out is 100 and so forth 1 1/4 turns out = 125?

also thinking of drilling the Maj passage as seen in prior posts. I recall that removing the maj completely is around a #230 I am going to do the drilling to be able to test #220,#230 and so on.

hoping to have a long afternoon next week.

Thanks for all the info everyone! :D

I ride snowmobiles alot and to tinker around like this to gain these kind of improvements is a very expensive hobby!! This is great cheap fun for the cost of a few jets!!!!


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Work with different needle clip positions to get a feel for which gives best results. The main air jet modifications will not yield as noticeable results, stay as-is with it removed. This is something anyone could do, removing it.

I aggree that this could be a handful in the tight nasty stuff, can you spell throttle control?

Has anyone ever wondered if jetting could make a difference? :)


See www.trailtech.net/jet_tech.htm for a visual comparison of what the needle does. This adds more fuel at 3/8-3/4 throttle where stock response is smooth but not very exciting.

[This message has been edited by James Dean (edited October 02, 2001).]

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