Blisters !!

i use moleskin, you can buy it at wallmart. its a foam with a peel off backing thats real sticky. i cut it in squares and put them in the nec. for me

good luck

nothing seems to cure my monkey butt.

i have the evo sports padded shorts but they just don't have enough padding in them. do the bicycle shorts have more padding? how about some with gel in them?

i might have my girlfriend lube me up before my next ride-then again if i do that then there might not be a ride!

Nothing quite cures monkey butt like a good firm pair of Heshan Underpants! you guys are weak!! :) You need to stand up more if you still get monkey butt! :D

Hava great weekend.


My wife did the the San Fran to LA Aids fund raising ride several years ago. The bikers used this stuff called BUTT BALM. On the first couple if days people would gingerly take some out of the large can/tub and put in on in private. By the 6th & 7th day, people would just grab a big hand full and shove it down there pants. For bicyclists lubrication was obviously the key.

At least now I feel really lucky just to have blisters on my hands.... Thanks?


2000WR - EKN#5, 172MJ, 226MAJ, MAJ Passage drilled to 278, 48PJ, 100PAJ, YZ timing, BK mod, 3/4 turn pilot screw, DSP tapered header and pipe, IMS tank & YZ seat, Scotts dampener & triple clamp & Renthal Fatbar 971, White Bros suspension, Dunlop 756's.

Bicycle shorts do work well, but for me they are too hot to wear in summer weather.

Renthal soft half waffle grips also help prevent blisters.

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