JD Needle v/s Stock Needle

Have a 05 WR and wonder if changing the stock needle for a JD makes a big diference. :thumbsup:

Need advice to make my decision. :thumbsup:



Anything would be better then the stock needle. It is vary lean and non adjustable. The JD needles are way better. If you can get your hands on a YZ450 needle they are also adjustable and better.

Thank you.

I´ll get the JD kit. :thumbsup:

The JD needle is MUCH better than the stock part but if it's hard to get where you are the adjustable Yamaha needle would be a good second choice. Try to get a GYTR AIS removal kit (search on here for the part number) if you haven't done the rest of the mods yet. The kit comes with the yz throttle stop, an adjustable needle and a couple of main jets plus a 48 pilot jet.

I dunno..... I never change the position of my needle even though I have an 04 needle in my 05 that's adjustable, and from what I understand it has the same taper has the 05, so basically I wasted my money on buying the 04 needle. Needle being lean? I've never heard that before, I'm sure it's possible but I wouldn't be so sure... My bike runs flawlessly with an OEM needle.. So, I say the stocker is the better choice since the bike came with it at no extra cost. James Dean has a great product that takes a lot of the guess work out of jetting, nothing that stock jets and needles can't do if you do the research. James does have unique needles that are his own, he knows jetting for sure, I just don't you have to buy his needle to achieve great results..

In Australia, we get GDDUS adjustable needle, it works great. You guys might get this needle in the GYT-R AIS kit.

The JD needles seem to work a bit better through out the rev range.

The needle fatness seems to be the same but where the taper starts is different on the JD needles.

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