Header or not?????

I am somewhat new to this, and therefore will be asking some questions. I have a 92 XR600r, mostly stock, with an aftermarket pipe on it. I was wondering what I would gain if I put a header on it?and if i did would I have to re-jet? What other type of mods might be sugested. For now I am 80% on and 20% off road, with hopes of changing that. I have never riddin a bike this big, but am starting to feel comfortable with it. I am not scared to give her some more horses if it is feasable....some things I was questioning: KN air filter, white brothers 2 header,Better spark plug,What is a good plug? I would greatly appreciate your advice.....Thanks!! My after market pipe is a cobra 4 stroke, and was on the bike when I bought it....

Header is going to give you more wide open throttle. In my case I like it for the road.

For you 80% on road get a high-flow header and re jet. I bought my 650r and it had a k&n filtler and it is terrible. When i took it out there was some fine dirt in the airbox. They are no good off-road but it may work for you. If anyone wants a k&n cheap for a xr650r pm me. ALso i would need the stock set up then if i sell it.

I am upgrading my junk fmf powercore Iv to a pro curcuit T4 can. Also a speed secret I am going to do is send my header to www.jet-hot.com for a ceramic coating inside and out. Looks sweet and lowers temp a lot. A great Power increase is not expected. Check it out.

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