cylinder head pics

Hi , I have two pics. one of cylinder head and one of blue scorch mark on bearing next to crankshaft. i wanted to post them to see if cylinder needed to be honed and if the bearing is ok, but having trouble posting. How do you do it? thanks-alex

Go to and register for an account. After you do that upload the pics off your computer. Then, copy the URL or code under the pic and paste it.


Your "scoring" looks more like honing marks or cross-hatching marks to me. Cylinder damage will not be circular (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone) but will be up and down the length of the cylinder.

As for the bluing on the crank, this has been talked about before and the survey says it can be normal.

Thats the cross-hatches in the cylinder. An every crank on a YZF that I've seen is blue around the rod. Looks good, and it looks like you figured out photobucket aswell.

What kind of YZF is that? The top end, crank, and head all look really good to me.

It is a lovely 2001 yz 426. Put many hours of riding on this machine since 2001 and thought it was time for a rebuild. Valves were in spec and looks like the rebuild could of been put off too. The top inch of the cylinder is ok? It does not have the hatch marks.Thanks for the help.

Looks beautiful to me. Makes me feel better about my '02 426. It's had a lot of hours too. I checked the valves and they were still in full spec as well. I never took off the head but I'll bet my top end looks just as good. Thanks for the pics.

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