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Wheels up

Xr 650 L exhaust EBAY

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will that fit a 1993 XR600? plus with only 1 or 2 plates is it almost as quiet as stock? im looking for a stock setup for my bike or as close as I can get

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When I purchased the overseized header for my 650L, the receipt said XR600/650L.

A copy of the receipt is right here.

It fit too.. So it stands to reason that the XR600 and 650L exhaust pipes are totally interchangeable.


Is there a model or part# for the header. I plan to bid, if I can get a header for it.

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found this on a defunct white bros webpage


Street/Track 20hp

WB Large Diameter SS Headpipe 05-153

E-Series S-Bend Alum.Silencer 05-050

WB 41mm Mikuni FS Kit 15-710

White Powerfilter 22-10021

JE Piston Kit (10.5:1, 100mm/650cc) 63-10052

Cometic Head/Base Gasket Kit 95-7151

WB “Roadrace/Track” Cam WB1653

Refundable Cam Core Charge CC-WB16503

RD Valve Spring Kit (w/short guides) 18-1344

Splitfire Sparkplug SF416D

Barnett Heavy-Duty Clutch Spring Kit 17-290

K&N Crankcase Breather 62-1010

Complete Kit $1360.49 09-000X

looks like I am just a crankcase breather, sparkplug, clutch kit and valve spring kit from a total 20hp gain for my L supermoto.....!

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