Tyre size opinion.

Ok i have done a search but no joy.So advise please.I have just bought a maxxis IT 120-90-19, on advise that it was right tyre for my yzf426 by the dealer.It turns out when i check the manual, and what is already on it,it should be a 110-90-19.I know it will fit, but will it affect the handling in any way.Basically should i take it back,or just fit it and ride.Thanks in advance.

i have a 99 yz400f and i run the 11o. whatever works man ..do you like the 110 if so keep using it

the 120 will give more traction especially in mud(because its wider). the only differences besides that is it may be a little taller and a little heavier :thumbsup:

I run one most of the time. You can feel the extra weight of the tire a little bit in some circumstances, but not much. The same with handling. It slips out on harder ground about the same as a 110, but bites better in a straight line. It also lasts noticeably longer. If you can feel a pea under your mattress, it may bother you, otherwise, I think you'll enjoy the extra traction and tire life.

I never liked a 120, they seem too heavy and they try to come out of ruts too easily. In sand or nasty mud a 120 would be perfect, but theres not much sand in Indiana and I don't ride in the mud.

Hmm, looks like i will have to try it.I do ride sand and deep mud,but not much hardpack.Thanks for the replies. :thumbsup:

I dont even notice the difference between a 120 and 110. One in the same to me. :thumbsup:

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