Back to the Basics on an oil change!...HELP

Call me an idiot if you want, I am new to the 01 wr 426 world. Doing my first oil change on my brand new bike with out a manual. I drained the lower drain then drained the upper frame oil. Are these two resevoirs linked? Why wouldn't the frame drain at the same time as the lower (bottom of the motor)? Added oil to the frame resevoir, but does not fill the lower. Please fill me in? (I have ordered a manual, just has not arrived yet) if you give me a beating on the responses I can take it. Just please clue me in.

The WR has what is called a dry sump engine. A scavenging pump picks up the oil that has drained off the engine internals. When the engine is not running the pumps not pumping so the oil is left collected in the chamber where the plug is.

If you just got the bike and don't know the history, I would do a complete oil change, which involves 5 drain bolts. It's a pain in the a$$, but if you do it now, you can do your future oil changes using the 2-bolt change. When you get the manual, it will show the locations of all the bolts. If you do a search on this subject, you will see that these other 3 bolts only get about .1 liters of oil out. But if you do it once, you will be good for a long time. I do a complete change about once a year. The rest of the time I just do the frame and lower bolt. Remember to change your oil filter and clean the air filter.

The 426 is a great bike. :thumbsup: Keep up your basic maintenance and you will be a happy rider. :bonk:

Another thing to remember is after replacing the oil you must run the bike for a couple min, turn it off and wait a couple min, then check the oil. Follow this Link, click on Tech Articles and under misc click on the shop manual. Down load chapters 1-3 and go to pages 3-14 through 3-17. :thumbsup:

I like to run mine a while before the oil change, so the oil is hot when I drain it... it helps to get that last little bit out that has all of the dirt and conminents in it.... :thumbsup:

Thanks for your help everyone.

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