front fork air pressure????

is the air valve on top of the front forks on a 98 xr600 just to bleed off pressure, or should it be filled to a certain pressure? also the front end tends to botttom out on a long section of whoops, its set up fo 220lbs, is this a sign of bad forks, low air(if required), or need of new oil.....or should i just loose weight (since Im at that 220lbs limit :thumbsup: ) thanks all

They are to bleed off pressure. Put your bike on a stand so the front tire is off the ground first. :thumbsup: If you are bottoming prematurely investigate the oil level and/or viscosity (since you mentioned the bike is set up (sprung) for your weight).

Tighten the compression 2 clicks and try it out.

According to the owner's manual, they can have up to 15psi of pressure in them. They adjustment procedure in there.

I know on the L model it says 6 PSI max, and just use a Bike Pump to pump 'em up.

As far as I know, with the front wheel off the floor and the forks at full extension, the standard air pressure is 0psi. You can pump a bit more in to stiffen them up, but don't over pressure them...I would agree on 6 or 7 psi, 10 at absolute max if you want to the front forks to feel like they're seized. Don't forget that the stiffer the forks, the more bashing the rims/spokes and bearings have to take...don't blow your seals either!

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