How Many Central Texas Folks Here

How many Central Texas Folks here would be interested on a day group ride? Sandman and I both work for a local Yamaha dealer here in Killeen Texas, and we have an 85 acre area that is owned by the dealership. We have about 10-15 miles of trails on there now, with another 2-4 coming open in the next couple of weeks. We have it set up mostly single track, with a MX track on there also- Sandman and I are the managers for the track, and would like to be able to have some of you as guests for a day or a weekend-what we would do is set up an informal hare scramble/poker run style ride,as well as a cookout- I will set it up for a Saturday, so in case we have bike problem, we can call the shop and get it taken care of- email me at

with some dates you have in mind. and I will set up a main date and a rain date :applause:

South West Houston here

I live in wa state, but my wife is from Houston, and her dad just moved back there after living up here for 20 years.

I don't live near there, however I have a question for you.

Have you ever ridden at Cross Creek M/X park? What are the trails like there? I live in the Magnolia area and I am going up in a couple of weeks to ride in benefit race. I have never seen or heard of the place other than the web site.

And yes I have several friends that would come up and ride. Is there a place we could set up RV's?

I have not been there, but sandman and I plan on going there on MLK weekend- As far as RV parking- I do have land to park here at the "ranch" but no hook ups. Again if that is OK, I am sure the owner would be good with that-

Keith, the world is too small with Internet aye? Donny here, yes, I am familiar with the area you speak of :bonk: However my foot will not allow me to do any riding for another few months, time well spent getting my suspension upgraded. Who is Sandman? :applause:

our parts manager at the shop- Also- the wife has a broken ankle now- thanks to the trails. We have added some unreal trails at the "ranch" Rick, one if the salesmen and myself have been riding these new trails, and we have a 6.5-7.0 loop now, and it is a blast- those 2 can ride- I well :bonk:

Anyway-we have some work day coming, and I plan on having a couple of more miles done in the next month or so. I am also working on some plans for a upgraded moto X track- the one we have now is s :applause: t.

Anyway-we have some work day coming, and I plan on having a couple of more miles done in the next month or so. I am also working on some plans for a upgraded moto X track- the one we have now is s :applause: t.

Once our tractor is up and running we should be in business to get that MX track whipped into shape. It will help on clean up day as well.

Donny, haven't seen you in the shop in a while how is that TTR230 working out? Wasn't too big of a transition from the TTR125 was it? Need to get your WR450 out there and ride with us, the new trails are awesome...but sounds like you will be out of commission for a while yet.

Austin TX... I'd be game to come and play...

Not Austin....the Texas Motor Sports track is in Copperas Cove.

Austin TX... I'd be game to come and play...

yeah big D yu have yo get healed up man- soon- we got plans out there brother- we need some new riders to---- well, take on a ride, huh sandman?

Absolutely...the new trails out there are amazing. The way they allow you to ride the entire loop or just a portion of is great. Linking the old trails with the newly cut trails has cut down on wasted real estate out there. It has taken some head scratchin', a stubby pencil and a worn out eraser but we've been able to make it work....and the best part is, as good as the trails are now they will be even better once the loops through Rattlesnake Pass, Enchanted Forest and Jack Rabbit have been completed. Gotta love those names... :applause:

yeah they would not let me name them- ball breaker lane- rattle you A$$ pass, death alley, and magic mushroom road

Keith, have you gotten many direct responses? How many riders are coming this way and have we got a tentative date set yet?

I thought Sandman was Rick, wasn't sure!! Anyways, I was going to stop in to the shop, but been busy, will be bringing the 230 in for it's first service end of this month, the kids have been riding the piss out of it, they LOVE that machine, at first Katie was scared cuz it's too big and taller than the 125LE, but now, she loves it! Hell, I love it too, and I'm not even supposed to ride, but I do...a little bit, really easy.

Looking fwd to getting out to the area to check it out, but don't see that happening for another 2 months.

Later all!

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