Rear Tire Suggestions?

Hi, I was wondering what kind of tires you all use and what you feel is a good back tire. I have a limited income (high school student) so I'd hope to have something that wears like iron. We ride up in CT so its usually a muddy mess and filled with rocks. Its not bad enough for like the 773 since that would be torn apart and the current 756 is only lasting 150 miles (huge mistake) I hear the M22 is a good choice, along with the IT. But should i go to the HT or will that not be wise...please help, ive talked myself into circles. And now that I look the front is on its way out, so what do you all have for suggestions lol-ed

I like the way the perrelli has been wearing the MT16 but not great for really muddy conditions but it still has some good tractions I have been doing a little expirmenting with front tires all perelli trying an MT 450 right now supposed to be a good intermediate terrain tire don't know yet have not been able to ride in a about three weeks.I need some ducks feet for tires right now if I could ride.LOLSorry I guess I did not help much except for the rear tires wear like you won't believe even on my 426 it pretty much will eat any tire quick depending on the terrain.

On a limited budget I would choose a Maxxis IT. If you have a little more money to spare pick up a Dunlop 952.

Dunlop 952's, great all round tyre! Works best int-hard but still good in mud.

The monsoon rains are here now, I was going to go to a medium tyre, but I don't need to. I am getting great wear from them, I have had them on my bike for about 600kms now, only about 1/2 worn. The front 952 is super, it is still like new. Grip is awesome both ends.

Maxxis IT or HT

Michelin MH3

The rest dont compare.

Maxxis being the better value.

There are no better wearing tires than these.... Except maybe that goofy Terraflex.

I love the IRC's I have run. Both the M5B and the VE series. They have all worn very very well. They put those crappy Dunlops to shame and easily outlast the TerraFlex. Plus the work good. :applause:

I have had decent luck with the Kenda Millville. Seems to be a decent tire for only 41bucks at rockymountainmc. Good luck Stinson

Can't beat the IT for the price.

Another vote for the Maxxis IT. I've had a set in the past and they wear and grip well, especially for the price.

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