06 Suspension

Is the new speed sensitive system a dramatic difference compared to my 05? If so, what are the advantages?

Is the new speed sensitive system a dramatic difference compared to my 05? If so, what are the advantages?

The 06 stuff is plush yet it does not bottom, I'm amazed at what it will soak up. I have only ridden the bike 3 times so I think with a little clicker adjustment it will only get better.

Thanks grayracer, I should have read that first !!

I hate to say it but I loved my 05 forks....until they got broken in...then they were not so wonderful. A revalve and oil change made them a lot better...but still not as good as the 06 stuff is stock!

When I heard about the Speed sensitive fork I called Enzo and asked them about it they said that it was indeed better and offered more of what I would like.

I have a 2005 yz 450 with Enzo suspension, ti nitride coated fork sliders and some of what Yamaha of troy uses inside their forks, my main complaint has always been that the fork does not have enough mid stroke dampening.

I am not using the sub tanks which add a sort of speed sensitive quality to the forks. I am such a lard butt that I need the dampening to ramp up more quickly than most. They said that is more easily accomplished with the new fork. But for the record I love my 05 forks they are killer.

The rear shock has the larger shock shaft wich has its physical disadvantages, stiction (more seal area), more weight (larger shock shaft)

Larger oil volume (to compensate for the volume required by the shock shaft)

Aparrently Yamaha has been testing the larger shock shaft off and on for a couple years and never put it into production (no idea why)

The shock is getting mixed reviews is what Im told, I am not sure why they thought they needed to change it, I have never heard of any failures or had any problem with mine.

The shock shaft is bigger but does not have more oil volume in the shock because of it. It has the same size body and valve diameter. The only thing changed is the shaft and the reservoir was enlarged in diameter for reasons that are more in depth but basically keeps it cooler overall. The larger shock shaft displaces more oil through the adjuster up top which in turn makes adjustments more sensitive. The seal drag is nothing to worry about. With all the leverage from the wheel being way out there and transfered through the linkage it's next to nothing.

All modern forks are speed sensitive in the valving. The 05 just had basically a big bottoming cone that came into play a lot sooner than a traditional one. Thats what they called the Transfer Control Valve. Thats why when you get deep into the stroke you could feel some serious resistance. The new forks on the 06 are almost identical to the latest showas. I was amazed!! They are excellent forks and the valving IMO can be improved upon dramatically.

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