should I, or should not buy 2006 yz450f

i got the call to come pick up my 2006 yz450f today. I have not been able to find any decent ride reports. I have been riding a crf450 for 2 years now. I decided to make a change when i heard about yamaha,s new 450. I need some info from you guys out west that have been riding them. Am i going to make a mistake in buying this bike. RED going BLUE

I haven't ridden it but I have an 06 CRF450. I'm not a bit disappointed in my CRF, but I'm positive you won't be disappointed in the new Yammy. I believe they heard the calls in Japan to make it handle better and I believe this is the answer. I originally planned to buy one, but I didn't want to wait and I got the CRF for only 5900 OTD. I can't wait to take a few laps on the new blue! Go for it! It's gonna make some history I'm sure.

I got an 05 YZ450 just 5 months ago and I love it.. But I want the 06....

Dont buy it, the bike absolutly sucks.

Dont buy it, the bike absolutly sucks.
lol one of the best jokes ive heard :applause:

If you want it, have the money, and will make you happy, do IT!

I have the 426 and I am very happy with it. No doubt this 450 will excell in all areas. I am holding off to buy the WR, but will wait for the aluminum boxed frame that the YZ is currently outfitted with.

It was just 12 short months ago I was in your same predicament....what to do? I was almost going to wait for the aluminum frame YZ to hit the floors and keep riding my '98 until then, but my wife pushed me to just get the '05 back then. So far in my 32 years, this has been the best purchase I've ever made. I think about all the riding time I would have missed out on if I hadn't upgraded back then....I'm a much better rider today because of the time I've spent on a quality mx bike like the YZ450.

In short, if you are wanting it, and have the means to get it, go ahead and do it. You won't regret it. :applause:

My buddy just got his and loves it. He is a pro rider and just got rid of his 05. Lots of upgrades with the frame and especially the transmission going back to 5 speed now which is nice and more versatile. Not much done to the engine though, but the rest of the bike is awesome he said. I don't think you can go wrong.

Looks like you already bought it...

If the 06 had an iron frame again I'd buy it.

I just bought the 06 yz450f on 12/3/05. All I can say is "It's wicked!" My friend is a big honda fan and owns a 05 crf450. He rode my bike for about five minutes and said, "This makes my crf feel like an XR." I'm sure all the 06 bikes are bad a@@ and you can't go wrong with any of them. But for me, I love the yamadog.

They want too much money for them right now being there brand new 1700.00 to 2000.00 over DEALER COST is OUTRAGOUS :applause:

When mine came in on Monday 11-28 I opted to wait, since the biggest race of the year was on 11-26 & 11-27 it saved me big. They made more than one.

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