difference between 04 fork and 03 fork

hi i was talking to my buddy about how my 04 forks are better than my 426 forks and i was wondering if anyone had the specifics?

ive heard that the 04 fork was superior but i dont know exactly why. (grayracer i think went to a 04 fork?)

thanks in advance for all the replys :applause:

the 04 yz fork went from 46 mm to 48 mm with pretty much the same design. there were some upgrades to the setup. progressive bottoming or sumthin' like that,they are supposedly better stock than the 46's. they only made that fork style for 04 yz' and 05 wr's. looks like something that could be made to work well for offroad. i'm not a big fan of the newer twin chambers,in fact i run 03 46's on my 05. how's your 48's workin' with the new offsets gray? :applause:

The 03 fork (46mm) has rubber bumpers for bottoming protection and the 04 (48mm)has a hydraulic system.

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