Need a Solution For Stiff Clutch / 05,WR450

I know this has been brought up several times but I still have not seen a clear answer. I would like to know if there is an aftermarket product out there that would allow me to use just 2, fingers on my clutch lever. without killing my hand and forearm? Thanks in advance.

Rekluse Z-Start auto clutch! :applause:

if you mean, open a box, bolt it on and go, short of an auto clutch, there isn't one. it's just the mechanics of the stock clutch mechanism. leverage ratios, clutch spring, all that stuff. the wr450 even uses a different perch and blade from older 426's and yz's to improve it. it's still stiff.

get one of the cable oilers and keep it oiled. it helps more than most people think. from there your going to have to get creative. just remember, if you lengthen the actuating arm, your not going to get the same amount of clutch plate disengagement per amount of cable moved as before. as you clutch gets older, you might find you have a bit more clutch drag.

i now have a magura on my wr. is it easier? no. it just has a lot better action. it's smoother and more consistant. i put my finger on that lever and i know it's going to "feel" the same each time.

Rekluse Z-Start auto clutch! :applause:

One finger pull with the Rekluse. Another reason to love the Z-Start. :ride:

Buy the Magura hydraulic clutch kit, it will reduce your clutch pull by 30% or more.

30% ! i don't think so. i just put one on a week ago. it's smoother and more predictable but not a lot (if any) easier.

i have the MSR PREDATOR3 lever withe 3 anchor points.

I installed a the Moose clutch lever device that changes the lever ratio and it made big difference. It installs inline with the clutch cable, next to the lever. It has 3 settings/ratios to choose from. Compared to a friends KTM 520 hydraulic, it's much easier to pull and it does not create any clutch drag at all.

Slipnslide :applause:

Go to your dealer and get a clutch actuator for a 98' WR400. It's 5mm longer than your's and saves you from having to cut and weld your current one. Just put one on my 06' YZ and it reduced the pull considerably. If you do a search there are a couple of articles on how to do it.

if you mean, open a box, bolt it on and go, short of an auto clutch, there isn't one.

i stand corrected. looks like there are several after-market clutch levers that will help.

Waaaaaaa!!! Don"t You Girls Have Any Hand Strengh ?

Waaaaaaa!!! Don"t You Girls Have Any Hand Strengh ?

If you took your bike out into the wild instead of ride it around the block and look cool in front of all the little kids, you would know that after hours of riding up and down gnarly hills can take it's toll on your forearms.

Maybe we should all wank more like you for more strength??? :applause:

The forearms are fine, but after 1 year of racing I have pain in two of my fingers and hand tendons from pulling that sucker in and slipping on climbs. :applause:

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