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See what the UPS man brought me!

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He was supposed to drop that off at MY HOUSE! :applause:


Now if I can just figure out how to get an H4 bulb to fit. :ride:

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what kind of light is that, anyway?

how much?


It is an eclipse 8" racelight from TrailTech.

275 buckaroonies. :applause:

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let us know how it works on your L including pics, price and mounting issues..please

should Rock !

Man this light looks mean. I didn't know the XRs looked so good without the numberplate on the front.

The wife has the camera, and she is still on storm duty from hurricane Wilma. I'll get some pics when she gets back.

Price for the halogen model was 275 and it took about 3 days to get here. The folks at TrailTech were very helpful and I would surely do business with them again.

The install was very simple, and the only issues are what to do with all the wiring that hides behind the number plate on the L.

Once I got the wires sorted out I connected the single beam H1 55w to my wiring, and I must say that that is the brightest 55w light I have ever seen. :applause:

I really wasn't happy with the fact that it only had a single beam with the H1 type bulb, so into the goodie box I went. I found a 10 million candlepower dual beam rescue light that ran on 12 volts and cracked it open to take a look at the bulb that it used. It had a standard 100/90 watt H4 bulb and freeform reflector. Out came the tape measure, and they both were 8" in diameter. Hmmmm..

10 minutes with some metal snips and a quick ride to the store for some high temp silicone and I had converted the 55w halogen to a 10 million candle power dual beam headlight. :p

I am still seeing spots, cause I just had to look into the beam. :p

The H4 conversion works very well with the Eclipse racelight, as the low beam only lights the bottom half of the light.

I think the high watt H4 bulb may be too much for traffic at night, but I will give it a try tonight.

I will get some pics as soon as my camera comes home. :ride:

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