all of a sudden it bogs 01 yz 426

I have a 01 yz 426 and I just put a fmf Q2 s/a on it It still runs great and still has power but not as much as it did with my R4 s/a.It would kind of bog 1/4 to3/4 gas.I went one up on the needle and backed the screw 1/2 turn to lean it out a little.It made the bike run better it still don't pull as hard as it used to.Has anyone ever had this prolbem.Is it just the added back presure or do i need to re jet it.It dose it when its warm I ride in Northern california about 2000/4000ft 60 to 75 temp. :banghead:

id say to re jet it just to be safe its better then having to buy a whole new bike

I had an FMF Q on my bike, since the pipe is a spark arrestor and quiets the bike down quite a bit the bike will never run like it did before. The Q plugs the bike up ALOT, so thats probably why its not hitting as hard. As for the bog , have you ever heard of the BK mod or the Jamesnow mod? do a search.

easy fix....clean the carb. Let me know if I am wrong...:banghead:

Oops....."not pulling as hard" and "bog" are two different things.

It took some fine tuneing but i got it to run right with the Q2.I just had to lean it out a little.The bike runs great now.The carb is clean, don't think i will try the BK or Jamsnow mods yet. :applause:

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