blasted blues...

i havent rode my poor miss's in almost a year now... i finally get around to changing some needed things and cleaning her up a bit...

List of things i have done to get her ready for riding again:

New rear fender

New Vent Hoses

Ditched the overflow bottle

New clutch cable

new throttle cable

new grips

new filters

Fluid changes

After i finish doing alll this nifty stuff this weekend i get her all put back together and find out that my fuel line is cracked.. no biggie hit up autozone for a 1/4" i.d. rubber hose... that didnt fit to well.. (thanks to the part lady at yamaha who verified it was 1/4"i.d.) after rubbing a little gas on the ends and letting it free up a bit it slipped on... but while i was wrestling with it somehow my petcock decided it was going to leak outta the valve itself.. yaay for me..

Also i get all the plastics put back on and my throttle cable wont budge... That was a my bad with the too much grip glue.. busted it free and all was good so i thought.. now the throttle is binding...

i figured ehh ill take care of the binding tomorrow i just wanna hear her run...

3rd kick and she was purrin like a kitten so i thought. w/ the choke on she seemed to idle a little high and even was popping/missing couldnt quite tell in the garage since it was echoing in there pretty good... as soon as i took the choke off she died.. started it up again.. 1st kick.. :banghead: i let it warm up w/ the choke on for a bit then turned the choke off again still wanted to die on me.. so trying to keep it running i noticed alot of spitting and sputtering and some backfireing... kinda like it was running outta fuel...

so to make a long story short... I gotta take it allllll apart again and do it over and tear the carb apart this time around to make sure all the jets are clean and all that fun garbage... i was also thinking about re-jetting for my new elevation but i remember hearing that from 0-2500 feet shouldnt make that big of a diffrence... well vegas is right around that 2500 foot ballpark and am wondering if i should rejet... i also mainly ride dunes which is at sea level and im not too sure what elevation dumont dunes are but thats all i will be riding...

sorry for the long post just had to get a little frustration off my chest.. and ask for some advice on &%$#@! i need to do to figure all this crap out again..

ISBB, I'm in Vegas, and I just did the JD kit to my 03 450f. Went with the jets you see below listed in my signature, and that cleared up alot of the engine crap I had before.

Im in vegas. I just changed tonight to red#5, main 170, and leak Jet 40. 1.5 turns out on the screw.

feels good to me!

I just tore the carb apart... the pilot jet was a little dirty.. .so i could see that being a issue.. but i think i might take you guys up on your suggestions...

Do you guys have any mods to yours im all stock except for no airbox lid... and i ride alot of sea level (glamis) and im going to start to go to dumont...

Im sitting at a 165m 42pilot and that other jet was 65.. Im carb stupid so i think im quoting the right part numbers... Main is that 6mm one in the center... Pilot is the long skinny one w/ the holes in it... and the other one was a short lil fella...

Im going to see if she runs any better in the morning when i put it all together.. i think it was a combination of crappy gas... and might be jetted a bit wrong... i see you guys are going with the 168-170/48 combo.. the only free mod i havent done is the bk mod w/ the accelerator pump.. I dont notice much of a bog yes its there but i just deal with it and have gotten used to it.. plus you guys are riding 450's.. so we shall see what happens...

I have done all the free mods and just added a stock YZ silencer to the mix so it was getting pretty lean I have everything stock in the carb except JD 170main and blue needle #4. fuel screw 1 and 7/8 out. Feels much better but I am sure I could fine tune it a bit.

i think im gonna have to fatten things up a bit judging by these comments... ill pick up some jets tomorrow.. :banghead:

go up to a 168 on the main... 48ish on the pilot and adjust the fuel screw.. and hopefully that gets me all set for this next week.. :banghead:

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