Jetting help

I just installed my JD kit and my zip Ty fuel screw. Right now I have the 170 main in and the blue needle at the 3rd clip the rest is stock. I have done all the free mods pulled the AIS, and I am running a PMB insert in the stock muffler. I have not pulled the plug yet but it seems to run fine all through the ranges. The problem I am having is with hot starts with the electric starter after the bike is warmed up. I can kick it and it fires off in one kick but when I use the starter it just coughs and does not want to catch. I have used the hot start, not used the hot start, adjusted the fuel screw from all the way in to 2 1/2 turns out with the same result. The bike starts fine cold and I am running about 250 ft above sea level. The battery is fully charged and spins the motor fine. I have a #48 PJ will this help this condition or is their something I am missing? :banghead: Thanks to all. :banghead:

I recently changed from red #5 to blue #3 in anticipation of some colder weather. The bike did not start as well and backfired on decel. I ended up going back to red # 5. I have the 165 main in as well. For the summer, the red #5 jetting set up was great--starts right up hot or cold and idles without using the choke. You might want to try this and see if it helps your situation. I will try going back to the blue needle when the weather really gets colder.

My bike had poor hot starting until I learned the trick. Push hot start and starter, nothing else. Works like a charm for me, assuming jetting is correct.

48 pilot should help with your hot starting. :banghead:

Note that Indy jetting experience from riding in 21 states and in all weather conditions reveals that the WR prefers red needle in 4, 5 or 6 and the blue needle in clips 3, 4 or 5 combined with main jet changes and fuel screw adjustments. :banghead:

Thanks guys! :banghead:

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