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5000 feet above sea level

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I am going riding in a place that is 5000 fasl and i am currently at about 1000 my jetting is stock and i have white bros pipe.

what jetting should i go with before i go out

there? i really don't want to work on bike while i am out there.

thanks for your help!!!


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I am not the expert but will offer my "opinion". I live at 4500 ft. I have a '00 wr 400, stock jetting. I just recently added the white bros E series, s bend. I have no problems whatsoever. I have ridden as high as 6200 ft where it did a little backfiring but that was it. I rode all day today at about 2500 ft. All went well. My motto, "If it aint broke, dont fix it".

Just for info, the only time I have noted any loss of power or lack of performance was when it was 30 degrees outside. Bike felt sluggish.

Hope this helps.

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I live in Albuquerque NM. I ride between 5000 and 6000 ft. Nobody else likes my jetting but here it is. Also I have stock exhaust with baffle out, airbox lid removed.

pilot 48 when cold 45 when above 75 F

Main 180

Needle yz er needle 3rd clip position

fuel screw stock 1.5 i think

just my 2 cents



y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

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